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die Legende; -n
the legend, key
in Bezug auf
in regard to, in reference to, with respect to, in relation to ('in B_')
Rast machen
to stop over, make a rest stop (2 words)
der Flügel; -
wing, wings
to clarify (sth), resolve (problem), clear (soccer), treat (sewage)
die Akademie; -n
the academy
to immigrate, (into a given country)
noch nicht
not yet
der Jahrestag; -e
The anniversary (not 'Jubiläum')
die Verstärkung; -en
the reinforcement, boost, strengthening, amplification
dort unten
down there
die Erwartung; -en
the expectation, anticipation, prospect, speculation
die Buchung; -en
booking, reservation (travel), ticketing, accounting
Bitte schön!
You're welcome! (not 'G_', not 'K_', not 'N_')