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Guten Abend!
Good evening!
das Seil; -e
the rope, cable
unique, singular (not 'eig_')
Ski laufen
to ski
so genannt
genauso gut
just as good, just as well (2 words)
to boo (so.), to hiss (at so.)
relevant, decisive, important, significant, substantial, instrumental (m)
zu Fuß gehen
to go on foot
to state, testify, give evidence, assert
sich erkälten
to catch a cold
östlich (von)
east (of)
die Forderung; -en
the claim (legal), demand (for goods, better treatment), call (for peace, calm) ('F_')
to add up to, to come to, to amount to (total), to behave (well/badly)
die Laufzeit; -en
the duration, term (life of a loan), time period, runtime