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die Hausarbeit; -
the house work, home work
der Rückzug; -"e
the retreat, withdrawal, pullback, pullout
to avenge, retaliate, take vengeance (on sb for sth)
in the meantime, meanwhile ('m_')
der Nachdruck; -e
the emphasis, stress, reprint (print) ('N_')
der Zugriff; -e
the access, grasp, grip, hit (on a webpage)
der Bürokaufmann; -leute
the male office clerk ('B_')
der Angestellte n n
the (male) employee, clerical worker, white collar worker (weak adjectival noun) ('An_')
individual, particular, distinct, single
Angst haben
to be afraid
das Kunstwerk; -e
the work of art, artwork
to leave (with/to), to cede, to concede
threatened (past p.) ('b_')
remaining, the rest of, residual
die Klinik; -en
the (medical) clinic, the medical center