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die Zusammensetzung; -en
the composition, structure, compound (chem), formulation
die Aufklärung
the Enlightenment, information, clarification
sich wohl fühlen
to feel well
von selbst
by oneself, by itself, of ones own accord (2 words)
das heißt (d.h.)
that is (i.e.), that is to say, which is to say, that means
previous, present, former, so far, until now (b~)
der Berater; -
the consultant, counselor, adviser
to flash, twinkle, use a flash (camera)
auf jeden Fall
in any case, in any event, anyway ('a_') (3 parts)
der Ärmel; -
the sleeve
sich unterhalten
to chat, talk, to converse, amuse oneself (not 'plaudern')
die Freigabe; -n
the release, approval, clearance (control authorization)
der Alarm; -e
the alarm, alert (not 'Wecker')
to be sufficient, enough (not 'g...', 'r...')
das Sein; -
the being, existence (not 'Existenz')