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der Gesetzgeber; -
the lawmaker, legislator
to relocate, move, transfer sb/sth, pawn (not 'verlagern', 'verpfänden') ('v_')
fertig schreiben
to finish writing
der Beschluss; -"e
resolution, decision, ruling
die Todesstrafe; -n
the death penalty, capital punishment
die Genehmigung; -en
the approval, permit, authorization, permission, consent
gradual, incremental, step by step, little by little
conceivable, imaginable, imaginably, conceivably, ('v_')
largely, mostly, for the most part (1 word)
comparably, in equal measure, likewise, similarly ('g_')
der Stellvertreter; -
the deputy (politics), proxy, representative, delegate
die Freiheitsstrafe; -n
the imprisonment, prison sentence
die Schlafmöglichkeit; -en
the sleeping facility
der Schrecken; -
the dread, scare, terror, dismay, horror (not Schreck, Furcht, Grauen) (no plural) (S)