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der Titel; -
the title (no plural)
spazieren gehen
to go for a walk (2 words)
die Geburt; -en
the birth
secret, confidential, classified
das Universum; die Universen
the universe (U-)
die Politik
the politics (no plural)
der Müll
The garbage, trash, rubbish, refuse (not Abfall) (no plural, single syllable)
to risk ('r_')
to grab, touch, grasp, handle, tackle (a problem) (not zugreifen, greifen, ergreifen, ...) ('a_')
der Staub
the dust (no plural)
der Narr; -en; -en
the fool, idiot, dummy, clown (weak noun) (N)
der Vorschlag; -"e
the suggestion
das Klo; -s
the toilet, bathroom, restroom, loo (German slang for "Toilette")
das Werk; -e
the work (of art, etc.)