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cognita res
when this matter had been found out
meritam vati attulerat famam
it had spread the poet's well-deserved fame
per Achaidas urbes
through the cities of Achaea
nomenque auguris
and the name of the auger
erat ingens
was mighty
tamen Pentheus Echionides
However, Pentheus, Son of Echion,
unus contemptor superum
one scorner of the gods
ex omnibus spernit hunc
among them all rejects him
praesagaque ridet verba senis
and he mocks the old man's prophetic words
tenebrasque obicit
and he taunts him with the darkness
et cladem lucis ademptae
and the trajedy of his lost sight.
ille movens tempora
Shaking his temples
albentia canis
white with grizzled (white) hairs
"quam felix esses,
"how happy you would be,
si tu quoque huius orbus" ait "fieres"
if you also were to become bereft of this light" he says
"ne Bacchica sacra videres!
"lest you see the sacred Bacchic rites!
namque dies aderit,
for the day will come,
quam non procul aauguror esse,
which I predict to be not far off,
qua... proles Semeleia, Liber
on which Liber, son of Semele,
novus huc veniat,
will come here anew,
quem nisi... dignatus
whom, unless you think
templum fueris... honore,
him worthy of the honour of temples,
you will be scattered,
mille lacer locis
torn in a thousand places
et sanguine silvas foedabis
and with your blood, you will pollute the woods
matremque tuam
and your mother
matrisque sorores.
and your mother's sisters.
It will come to pass!
neque enim dignabere numen honore,
For you will not think the God worthy of your honour,
meque... vidisse quereris."
and you will lament that I have seen
sub his tenebris nimium
too much under this darkness."
Echione natus;
the one born of Echion
talia dicentem proturbat
drives away the one saying such things;
dicta fides sequitur,
proof follows his words,
responsaque catis aguntur.
and the answers of the prophet are brought to pass.