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The disloyal crowd

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impia turba
the disloyal crowd
probat factum;
approved the deed;
tum denique Bacchus
then finally Bacchus,
(Bacchus enim fuerat)
(for Bacchus it was)
veluti sopor
as if his sleep
clamore solutus sit
were loosened by the uproar
aque redeant sensus
and his senses were returning
mero in pectora,
from the wine into his chest,
"quid facitis?
"What are you doing?
quis clamor?" ait
What is this noise?" He said,
"dicite, nautae,
"Tell me, sailors,
qua ope
through what power
huc perveni?
I have arrived here?
quo paratis
Where are you preparing
me deferre?"
to carry me away?"
"pone metum"
"Put aside your fear"
Proreus dixit
said Proreus,
"et ede
"and make known
quos portus
which harbours
contingere velis!
you wish to touch!
you will be placed
terra petita."
in the land requested."
ait Liber
Liber said
"cursus advertite vestros
"Direct your course
to Naxos!
illa mihi domus est,
That is my home
erit tellus
the land will be
vobis hospita"
hospitable to you."
per mare iurant
they swear by the sea
perque omnia numina
and by all the gods
sic fore
that this would be
meque iubent
and they ordered me
dare vela
to give sails
pictae carinae.
to the painted ship.
dextera Naxos erat:
Naxos was on the right:
mihi danti
to me, giving
dextra lintea
sails to the right
inquit pro se quisque
each one said for himself
"quid dacis, o demens?
"What are you doing, o mad one?
quis te furor Acoete tenet?"
What madness grips you, Acoetes?
Laevam pete!"
Make for the left!"
maxima pars
The greatest part (of them)
mihi significat,
indicated to me
quid velit nutu
what they wanted with a nod
pars aure susurrat.
part whispered in my ear.
I was thunderstruck
que dixi
and I said
"capiat aliquis
"May someone else take
the helm!"
meque removi
and I removed myself
from the assistance
both of their crime
and my skill.