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The impious band

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I am scorned
a cunctis,
by all,
totumque agmen
and the whole troop
murmurs against me;
e quibus Aethalion ait
from whom Aethalion said
"scilicet omnis nostra
"doubtless our whole
salus posita est
safety is placed
te in uno!"
in you alone!"
et subit ipse
and comes up
meumque explet opus
and fills my role himself
que petit diversa
and he makes for different places
naxo relicta.
with Naxos left behind.
tum deus inludens,
Then the mocking God,
tamquam modo senserit,
as if he had just realised
denique fraudem
their deceit, at last,
pontum prospectat
looked out towards the sea
e puppi adunca
from the hooked stern,
et flenti similis ait
and just like one weeping he said
non haec litora
these are not the shores
mihi promisistis"
you promised me"
non haec mihi terra rogata est!
This is not my requested land!
quo facto
For what deed
merui poenam?
have I earned punishment?
quae gloria vestra est,
What glory is yours,
si puerum iuvenes fallitis,
if young men deceive a boy,
si multi fallitis unum?"
many deceive one?"
iamdudum flebam:
Now I had been weeping for a long time:
manus impia
the impious band
lacrimas nostras ridet
mock my tears
et inpellit aequora
and drive on the sea
properantibus remis.
with hastening oars.