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tibi nunc adiuro
Now I swear to you
per ipsum
through the god himself
(nec enim praesentior
(For there is no god more powerful
illo est deus)
than him)
tam me tibi vera referre
that I am reporting to you
vera quam
things which are as true as they are
veri maiora fide:
bigger than belief in the truth:
stetit aequore puppis
the ship stood still in the sea,
haud aliter, quam si
just as if
siccam navale teneret.
a shipyard was holding it dry.
illi admirantes
They, astonished
remorum in verbere perstant
persist in the flailing of their oars
velaque deducunt
and they unfurl the sails
que currere temptant:
and they try to make way
gemina ope:
with this two-fold help:
impediunt hederae remos
Ivy hinders their oars
nexuque recurvo serpunt
and snakes around them with a curved binding
et distinguunt vela
and decorates the sails
gravidis corumbis.
with heavy clusters of berries.
The god himself,
frontem circumdatus
his forehead encircled
recemiferis uvis
with clusters of grapes
agitat hastam
he shakes a spear,
pampineis velatam frondibus;
covered with a foliage of vines;
quem circa tigres
around him tigers
simulacraque inania lycrum
and empty phantoms of lynxes
que fera corpora
and savage bodies of
pictarum pantherarum
of spotted panthers
were lying.
exsiluere viri,
The man leapt out,
sive hoc insania fecit
whether madness caused this
sive timor,
or fear,
primusque Medon
and first Medon
nigrescere coepit
began to turn black
corpore toto
over his whole body
et flecti
and to be bent
spinae curvamine
by a curve of his back
having been pressed out.
incipit huic Lycabas dixit
Lycabas began to speak to him
"in quae miracula
"Into what miracle
are you being turned?"
et loquenti
and the one speaking
lati rictus
had a wide grin
et panda naris erat,
and his nose was crooked,
squamamque cutis surata trahebat.
and his skin hardened into scales.
at Libys
But Libys
dum vult obvertere
while he wishes to turn
obstantis remos,
the resisting oars,
manus vidit
he saw his hands
shrinking back
in spatium breve
into a small space
et illas iam non esse manus,
and now they are not hands,
iam posse
now you would be able,
pinnas vocari.
to call them fins.
Another man
cupiens dare
wishing to lay
ad bracchia
his arms on
intortos funes
the twisted ropes
bracchia non habuit
did not have arms
que repandus
and bent back
trunco corpore
with limbless body
he leapt down
in undas:
into the waves:
novissima cauda
his tail at its end
falcata est,
was hooked,
qualia cornua
just like the horns
dimidiae lunae
of the half-moon
are curved.
And from all sides
dant saltus
they give leaps
que rorant
and are soaked
multa adspergine
with much spray
emerguntque iterum
and they emerge again
redeuntque rursus
and again they return
sub aequora
beneath the waves
inque ludunt
and they play
chori speciem
in the way of a dance
ludunt lascivaque iacant corpora
toss their frisky bodies
et efflant
and they blow forth
acceptum mare
the sea, taken in
patulis naribus.
with their wide nostrils.