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"praebuimus aures
"We have lent our ears
longis ambagibus"
to these lengthy ramblings"
Pentheus inquit
said Pentheus,
"ut ira
"In order that our anger
absumere posset
might be able to consume
mora vires.
its strength by the delay.
praecipitem rapite hunc
Drag this man headlong
que corpore demitte
and send his body down
Stygiae nocti!
to the Stygian night,
racked with
diris tormentis"
dreadful tortures!"
At once
Tyrrhenus Acoetes
Etruscan Acoetes
was dragged away
and shut up
solidus in tectis;
in a strong prison;
et dum
and while
crudelia instrumenta
the cruel instruments
iussae necis
of the ordered execution,
ferrumque ignesque
and both the iron and the fires
are being made ready,
fama est
the story is
patuisse fores
that the doors opened up
sponte sua
of their own accord
lapsasque catenas
and the chains slipped off
his arms
sponte sua
of their own accord
nullo solvente.
with no-on loosening them.