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perstat Echionides,
The son of Echion persists,
nec iam
he does not now
iubet ira,
give orders to go,
sed ipse vadit,
but goes himself,
ubi Cithaeron
to where Mount Cithaeron,
electus facienda
chosen for the performance
ad sacra
of the rites,
cantibus sonabat
was resounding with songs
et clara voce
and the shrill shreiking
of the Bacchants.
just as
fremit acer equus,
the keen war horse snorts,
cum bellicus tubicen
when the military trumpeter
signa dedit
has given the sign
aere canoro,
with sounding brass,
que adsumit
and takes on
pugnae amorem,
the passion of battle,
sic aether
just so did the sky
struck with
longis ululatibus
the lengthy ululations,
Pentheus movit,
stir Pentheus,
et recanduit ira
and his anger blazed
audito clamore.
when he heard the clamour.
fere est
There is, about
monte medio,
in the middle of the mountain,
cingentibus ultima silvis,
with woods surrounding its edges,
an empty space,
purus ab arboribus,
clean of trees,
spectabilis undique;
visible from all sides;
hic illum cernentem sacra
There he looked on the sacred rites
oculis profanis
with his unholy eyes,
prima videt mater,
his mother was the first to see,
prima est concita
she first was stirred
insano cursu,
by frantic running,
prima violavit
she first wounded
suum Pentheus
her own Pentheus
misso thryso
with her thrysus hurled,
et clamavit
and cried out
"o geminae
"O twin sisters!
Adeste sorores!
Come here sisters!
ille aper maximus
that massive boar
in nostris errat qui agris,
which roams in our lands,
ille mihi feriendus aper."
I must kill that boar."
omnis turba
the whole crowd
ruit furens
rushes raging
in unum;
upon him alone;
cunctae coeunt
all the women come together
trepidumque sequuntur,
and pursue the scared one,
iam trepidum,
now scared,
iam loquentem
now speaking
verba minus violentia,
words less threatening,
iam se damnantem,
now cursing himself,
iam fatentem
now confessing
se peccasse.
himself to have sinned.