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saucius ille tamen
Wounded though he was
"fer opem,
"Give help,
matertera Autenoe!"
o aunt Autenoe!"
he said
"Actaeonis umbrae
"Let the shade of Acteon
moveant animos!"
stir your spirit!"
illa nescit
She does not know
quis Actaeon,
who Actaeon is,
que abstulit
and ripped off
his right arm
as he prayed,
lacerata est altera
the other was ripped off
Inoo raptu.
by Ino's seizure.
Poor man,
non habet bracchia
he does not have arms
quae matri tendat,
which he might hold out to his mother,
sed ostendens
but showing off
trunca vulnera
his mutilated wounds
deiectis membris
with his limbs thrown down
"adspice, mater!"
"Look at this, mother!"
he said.
ululavit Agaue
Agave shrieked
at the sight
collaque iacavit
and tossed her head back
movitque crinem
and shook her hair
per aera
through the air
que complexa
and having embraced
avulsum caput
his torn-off head
digitis cruentis
on her bloody fingers
she shouts:
"io comites,
"Huzzah comrades,
opus hoc
this deed
victoria nostra est!"
is our victory!"
non citus
No quicker
rapit ventus
does the wind tear
frondes alta arbore
the leaves from a lofty tree
autumni frigore tactas
nipped by the cold of autumn
iamque male haerentes,
and now barely sticking,
quam membra viri
so the man's limbs
sunt direpta
were torn apart
manibus nefandis.
by their accursed hands.
talibus exemplis monitae
Warned by such examples
frequentant Ismenides
the daughters of Ismenus now celebrate
nova sacra
new rites
turaque dant
and they offer incense
sanctasque colunt aras.
and honour sacred altars.