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Acoetes arrives

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cruentati redeunt
they return, spattered with blood,
et quaerenti domino
and ask of their master,
Bacchus ubi esset,
where Bacchus was,
Bacchum videsse negarunt;
they say they have not seen Bacchus;
"tamen" dixere
"however" they said
"we have captured
hunc comitem famulumque
this comrade and attendant
of the sacred rites"
et tradunt
and they handed over,
manibus post terga ligatis
with his hands tied behind his back,
sacra dei quendam... secutum
a certain follower of the God's rites,
Tyrrhena gente.
of the Tyrrhenian race.
aspicit hunc Pentheus oculis,
Pentheus looks at him with his eyes,
quos ira tremendos fecerat,
which anger had made terrible,
et quamquam... differt,
and although he delayed
poenae vix tempora
the time of punishment with difficulty,
"o periture
"O one about to die
tuaque aliis dature
and about to give others
documenta morte,"
lessons through your death,"
he said,
"ede tuum nomen
"Give your name
nomenque partentum
and the names of your parents
et patriam,
and your homeland
que cur sacra frequentes
and why you celebrate the rites
moris novi!"
of a new custom!"