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On Acoetes' father

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ille metu vacuus
He, devoid of fear
"nomen mihi Acoetes,
My name is Acoetes,
patria Maeonia est,
my homeland is Maeonia,
humili de plebe parentes.
my parents were low-born, common people.
non mihi... pater... reliquit
My father did not leave me
quae duri colerent arva iuvenci
fields which hardy oxen might till,
lanigerosve greges,
nor fleecy flocks,
non ulla armenta;
nor any herds of oxen;
et ipse
As for my father,
pauper ipse fuit
he was a poor man himself
que solebat decipere
and was accustomed to decieve (fish)
lino et hamis
with a line and hooks,
et ducere
and to draw forth
salientes pisces
the leaping fish
with his rod.
ars illi sua census erat;
His skill was all his wealth for him;
cum traderet artem,
when he was passing down his skill,
he said
"accipe, quas habeo... opes
receive the riches which I possess,
successor et heres
successor and heir
to my pursuit"
and as he was dying
mihi nihil ille reliquit
he left nothing to me
praeter aquas:
besides the waters:
unum hoc
this alone
possum adpellare
I am able to call
my inheritance.
mox ego, ne
Soon, lest I
semper haererem
always stick
scopulis in isdem,
to the same rocks,
addidici... flectere
I learned in addition to turn
the helm of the ship
regimen dextra moderante
with my guiding right hand
et oculis notavi
and I have noted with my eyes
Oleniae sidus pluviale cappellae
the rain-bearing constellation of the Olenian she-goat,
and the Taygetes
and the Hyades
and the Great Bear
ventorumque domos
and the homes of the winds
et portus puppobus aptos.
and the ports fit for ships.