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forte petens Delum
By chance, while making for Delos,
I docked
Chiae telluris ad oras
at the coasts of the Chian land
et adducor litora
and I was brought to the shores
dectris remis
with a bank of oars on the right,
doque leves saltus
and I gave light leaps
que inmittor
and was launched
udae harenae:
against the wet sand:
nox ibi consumpta est;
there the night was passed;
aurora primo
Aurora first
rubescere coeperat:
began to redden:
exsurgo quo admoneo
I rise and give orders
latices inferre recentes
for them to bring on fresh water
monstroque viam,
and I point out a path
quae ducat
which might lead
ad undas;
to the waters;
ipse prospicio
I myself look out
tumulo ab alto
from a high knoll
quid aura mihi promittat
[to see] what the breeze promises me
comitesque voco
and I call my companions
repetoque carinam.
and return to my ship again.
"adsumus en"
"Look! We are here!"
inquit Opheltes,
said Opheltes,
sociorum primus
first among my men,
utque putat,
and, as he thinks,
praedam nactus
having chanced upon a prize
deserto in agro,
in a deserted field,
puerum ducit
he leads a boy
virginea forma
with the beauty of a young girl
per litora.
along the shores.
ille dedit leto fortes:
He gave brave men to death:
mero somnoque gravis
he, heavy with wine and sleep,
titubare videtur
seems to stagger
vixque sequi;
and to follow with difficulty;
specto cultum
I look at his apparel
faciemque gradumque:
his form and gait:
nil ibi... videbam
I was seeing nothing there
quod posset
which was able
credi mortale,
to be believed mortal,
et sensi
and I realised
et dixi sociis:
and I said to my allies:
"quod numen... dubito
"I am in doubt what God
in isto corpore sit,
is in that body,
sed corpore numen in isto est!
but in that body a God there is!
quisquis es,
Whoever you are,
o faveas,
o may you be favourable,
nostrisque laboribus adsis;
and present for my struggles;
his quoque
to these men also
des veniam!"
may you give pardon!"
"mitte precari
"set aside your praying
pro nobis!"
for us!"
Dictys ait,
says Dictys,
quo non alius
than whom no other
conscendere ocior
was swifter to climb up
summas antemnas
to the top of the sail-yard
que relabi
and to slide back down
prenso rudente.
having grasped a rope.
hoc Libys,
This Libys,
hoc flavus Melanthus,
this golden-haired Melanthus,
prorae tutela,
guardian of the prow,
hoc probat Alcimedon
this Alcimedon approves,
et Epopeus,
as does Epopeus,
animorum hortator,
encourager of spirits,
qui voce
who, with his voice
used to give
requiemque modumque
both rhythm and rest
to the oars,
hoc omnes alii:
this all others [approve]:
tam caeca
so blind
praedae cupido est.
is the passion for plunder.
"non tamen... perpetiar
"However, I will not allow
hanc pinum
this ship
to be violated
sacro pondere"
by this sacred load"
I said:
"hic mihi
"Here mine is
pars maxima iuris,"
the greatest part of right,"
idque obsisto
and I stand in the way
of the enterance: