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Develop Project Charter
authority for project
Develop Preliminary Scope Statement
what will and will not be done
Develop Project Management Plan
integrate all project plans
Direct and Manage Project Execution
manage deliverables
Monitor and Control Project Work
control project performance
Perform Integrated Change Control
manage and control changes
Close Project or Phase
perform administrative closure
Collect Requirements
Obtain stakeholder needs
Define scope
define project work
Create WBS
create work categories
Verify Scope
Formal acceptance of deliverables
Control Scope
Manage scope performance & manage changes
Define activities
Decompose work to activities
Sequence activities
logical flow of activities
Estimate Activity Durations
Calculate all activity durations
Develop schedule
calculate project duration
Control schedule
control schedule performance (using EVM) & manage changes
Estimate cost
Identify all costs
Determine Budget
Add up all costs
Control Cost
Control cost performance (using EVM) & manage changes
Plan quality
identify quality standards
Perform quality assurance
ensure quality while working
Perform Quality Control
Test and validate deliverables
Develop human resources plan
how to acquire team; define roles, responsibility and reporting structure
Acquire project team
get planned resources
Develop project team
maximize team performance
Manage project team
lead the team
Identify stakeholders
Know project participants
Plan communication
How, what and when to communicate
Distribute Information
enable information pulling
Manage stakeholder expectations
Keep stakeholders informed
Report performance
Generate performance/status report
Plan risk management
How to do risk processes
Identify risks
Find all risks
Perform qualitative risk analysis
qualify all risks (scores)
Perform quantitative risk analysis
calculate risks (EMV)
Plan risk response
identify risk strategies
Monitor and control risks
watch risk triggers and strategies
plan procurement
what when and how to buy
conduct procurement
select procurement sources
administer procurement
watch and control procurement sources
close procurement
perform contract closure
Formal initiation of a project
Process group where you Develop and integrate all project plans
Direct, manage and assure quality work
Monitoring & Controlling
Control changes, measure project performance, validate deliverables
Perform administrative closure
Deals with charter, plan, deliverables, change control and close
Deals with requirements, scope, WBS, formal acceptance, changes in scope and performance measurement
Deals with activities, resources, durations, schedule, contingency reserve, changes in schedule and performance measurement
Deals with cost estimates, budget, contingency reserve, changes in cost and performance measurement
Deals with quality plan, quality assurance during work and quality control of the deliverables
Deals with human resource plan, team acquisition, team development and team performance management
Deals with stakeholder identification and their expectations, communication plan, distribution of information and performance reports
Deals with risk processes-- risk planning, identification, analysis, strategies (includes contingency reserve) and monitoring & control
Deals with procurement planning, source selection and administering procurment and finally closing the procurements