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PM Basics Part III

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apportioned effort
allot effort proportionately across discrete efforts, not divisible into discrete efforts; Type of EVM
analagous estimating
technique for estimating cost or duration of a project or activity using historical data from similar projects
progressive elaboration
The process of gathering project details in steady, uniform steps. This process uses deductive reasoning, logic, and a series of information-gathering techniques to identify details about a project pr
balanced matrix
An organization where organizational resources are pooled into one project team, but the functional mangers and the project managers share the project power.
A smaller project managed within a larger, parent project. Subprojects are often contracted work whose deliverable allows the larger project to progress
composite structure
An Organization that creates a blend of the functional, matrix, and projectized structures.
functional matrix
An organization that is divided into functions, and each employee has one clear functional manager. Each department acts independently of the other departments.
Persons who can positively or negatively influence a projects ongoing activities and/or project's likeihood or success.
type of stakeholder who doe not want a project to succeed. He or she may try to negatively influence the project and help it fail.
performing organization
The organization whose employees or members are most directly involved in the project work.
logical division of a project based on the work or deliverable completed within that phase. Common examples include the phases within construction, software development, or manufacturing
partially complete document in a predefined format that provides a defined structure for collecting, organizing, and presenting information and data
condition or situation unfavorable to the project, a negative set of circumstances, a negative set of events, a risk that will have a negative impact on a project objective if it occurs, or a possibil
Something tangible, such as a template or software program, used in performing an activity to produce a product or result.
A cost, time, quality, technical, or resource value used as a parameter, and which may be included in product specifications.
An output from performing project management processes and activities.
The person or group that provides the financial resources, in cash or in kind, for the project.