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project charter
results in formal authorization to begin work
configuration management
activities: configuration identification, configuration status accounting, configuration verification and auditing
effective change control
1. Asses the impact 2. Come up with Options 3. Get Sponsor Approval 4. Get Customer Approval
perform integrated change control
outputs: change request status updates, project management plan updates (subsidiary plans, baselines), project document updates (change request log)
close project or phase
contract closure, administrative closure
close project or phase
inputs: project management plan, accepted deliverables (through scope verification), OPA (project audit, transition guidelines)
close project or phase
tools and techniques: expert judgement
close project or phase
outputs: final product, service or result transition, OPA (project files, closure documents, historical information, lessons learned)
develop project charter
Inputs: Project Statement of Work Business Case Contract EEF - standards, infrastructure, marketplace OPA-policies, templates, historical info
develop project management plan
Inputs: Project Charter, EEF, OPA, Planning process outputs
develop project management plan
Outputs: life cycle, change management plan, project baselines, how baseline integrity will be maintained, communication needs, key management reviews, subsidiary plans
develop project charter
Outputs: project purpose, measurable objectives and success criteria, high level requirements, description and risks, summary milestone schedule, summary budget, project approval requirements, pm
expert judgement
tailor processes to project, develop technical and management details, determine resources and skills levels, determine level of configuration management, determine level of formal change control
direct and manage execution
Outputs: deliverables, work performance information, change request, project management plan updates, project document updates
project management plan updates
updates to requirements, schedule, cost, quality, human resources, risk, procurement, baselines
project document updates
updates to requirements, logs, risk register, stakeholder register
monitoring and controlling
process where report performance is done
report performance
collection of baseline data, distribution of performance information, how resources are used to achieve objectives, scope, schedule, cost, quality
monitor and control project work
outputs: change requests, project management plan updates, project document updates (forecasts, performance reports, issues log)
perform integrated change control
from project inception to completion managing changes by identifying, documenting, controlling