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Verb - to be

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to be
ja sam
I am
ti si
you are
on je
he is
ona je
she is
ono je
it is
mi smo
we are
vi ste
you are (plural)
oni su / one su / ona su
they are
ja sam bio
I was (masculine)
ja sam bila
I was (feminine)
ti si bio
you were (masc.)
ti si bila
you were (fem.)
on je bio
he was
ona je bila
she was
ono je bilo
it was
mi smo bili
we were (masc.)
mi smo bile
we were (fem.)
mi smo bila
we were (neuter)
vi ste bili
you were (plural masc.)
vi ste bile
you were (plural fem.)
vi ste bila
you were (plural neuter)
oni su bili
they were (masc.)
one su bile
they were (fem.)
ona su bila
they were (neuter)
ja ću biti
I will be
ti ćeš biti
you will be
on će biti
he will be
ona će biti
she will be
ono će biti
it will be
mi ćemo biti
we will be
vi ćete biti
you will be (plural)
oni će biti / one će biti / ona će biti
they will be