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en flod
a river
ett faktum
a fact
en varelse
a creature
en val
a whale
en delfin, delfiner
a dolphin, dolphins
en manet, maneter
a jellyfish, jellyfish
en hummer
a lobster
en säl
a seal
en krabba, krabbor
a crab, crabs
en grund
a foundation, a basis
en budget
a budget
ett val
an election
en å
a stream, a creek [en bäck]
responsible / in charge
hon litar
she trusts
briefly (k)
jag gömde
I hid (j.g)
låt oss
let's (let us) [ska vi]
låt oss äta
let's eat (let us eat)
en bläckfisk, bläckfiskar
an octopus, octopuses / a squid, squids
ingen alls
no one at all / none at all (i.a)
att tänka ut
to think of, to devise (a.t.u)
inte ens
not even (i.e)