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det låter bra
it sounds good
vi odlar
we grow (e.g. crops)
American (adj.)
en plånbok
a wallet
off (as elec. device or fire) (sl)
en moster
an aunt (mother side)
en faster
an aunt (father side)
vi befriar
we liberate, we free (v.b)
nu räcker det
it's enough! ; enough is enough! (n.r.d)
det räcker
it's enough ; it's sufficient (d.r)
mindre än
less than
hon gifte sig med
she married (to)
married into (a family) (i)
kom in i
came into
Jag lyssnar på
I'm listening to
att bli kär i
to fall in love with
jag fick av
I got from
han kom fram
he arrived (h.k.f)
något sådant här.
something like this. (n.s.h)
förvånad över
surprised, amazed (f.ö)
de tycker illa om
they dislike (d.t.i.o) [inte]
var med
was involved (v.m)
sedan tidigare
some time ago, already (s.t) [sedan innan]