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att utföra
to perform, to carry out (a.u)
en bygd
a region, a country district (tied together by common traditions) / a village
some (spoken language) (pl)
somebody / something (spoken language) (n__)
apparently, obviously (t)
jag hyllar
I salute
en tävling
a competition, a contest
ni spionerar
you (pl) spy [spana]
ready, finished (f)
hon smakar
she tastes
en student, studenter
a student, students (s)
ni sparkar
you (pl) fire someone from his job / you kick (n.s)
ni tappar
1. you (pl) drop sth. / 2. you lose sth. (but not in sporting sense) (n.t)
free , available (l)
tack ska du ha!
thank you! (t.s.d.h)
att höja
to raise, to increase (a.h)
att samtycka
to agree (a.s)
en mottagare
a receiver
en svårighet
a difficulty
att fundera över
to think about / to wonder about / to think over / to consider (a.f.ö)
en gång i veckan
once a week
something (spoken language) (n)
var då
where then..? (v.d)
alldeles för mycket
way too much, far too much
jag hänger med
I join / I follow (fysiskt och under ett samtal t ex) (j.h.m)