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att mena
to mean / to claim (what you say)
de menade
they meant / they claimed (what they say)
vi menar
we mean / we claim (what we say)
current (a)
en mördare
a murderer, a killer
en skuld
a blame, a guilt (s)
en kritik
a criticism
en demokrati
a democracy
one's (possessive of 'man')
ett styre
a regime [en regim]
approved, passed
vi godkänner
we accept, we approve (e.g ett prov)
de förtrycker
they opress (t.ex ett annat folk)
en diktatur
a dictatorship
det har läckt
it has leaked
det läcker
it's leaking
en smäll
a bang, a blow, a sudden noise, a boom
hon tömmer
she empties
att tömma
to empty
jag fimpar
I put out (a cigarette)
att aska
to ash
att ta ut pengar
to withdraw money / to take out money
det ena
the first (d.e)
det läckte
it leaked
med i
involved in (m.i)
fram till
until (place or time) (f.t)
att sätta in pengar
to deposit money
ett kontrakt
a contract (k)