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van vid
used to (e.g. I'm used to drive a car)
regardless (o)
nowadays, these days (n) [nuförtiden]
allt mer
more and more (a.m)
yeah, oh, so, really, ah
in other words, accordingly, that is to say, thus, therefore.
therefore, so, for that reason
en lön
a salary, a wage
en dejt
a date (a romantic meeting)
att avbeställa
to cancel (e.g. an order, a subscription) (avbe.)
ett straff
a punishment
det gäller
it applies, it applies to, it regards
inne i
inside the (i.i)
just over (d)
och så vidare
and so on, etc. (o.s.v)
even (e.g even bigger)
hon ska ha stulit
she allegedly stolen
de ska ha gjort
they allegedly done
en hel del
a lot, a lot of (e.h.d)
i regel
generally, as a rule (i.r)
att vara bosatt
to reside (a.v.b)
där det finns...
where there is... (d.d.f)
för då
because then (f.d)
känner till allvaret med
aware of the seriousness of (k.t.a.m)
utan till
but to (u.t)