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the 13th century
en saga
a fairy tale
thunder, thunders
att blöda
to bleed
en brännskada
a burn (injury) [ett brännsår]
det svider
it stings, it burns (d.s)
att svida
to sting, to burn (gör ont)
att kräkas
to vomit [spy]
du kräks
you vomit [spyr]
det kliar
it itches (d.k)
sore, sensitive (ö)
jag knäcker
I crack (j.k)
charged (adj)
att gissa
to guess
att vissla
to whistle (a.v)
att vinka
to wave (to sm)
cool, nice, great (sc)
carefully, closely (e.g. to read carefully) (n) [noggrann, noggrannt]
en vedbod
a woodshed
uthyres (uth)
for rent
en drink
a cocktail, a drink (alcoholic)
att mingla
to mingle
en igloo
an igloo
att upphöra
to end, to cease, to stop (a.u) [uppehålla]
att bo vägg i vägg
to live next door (to live wall in wall)
ingen aning
no idea (don't know) (i.a)
tack för det
thanks for that
the north pole
the south pole
det svullnade upp
it got swollen, it swelled up (d.s.u)