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an A student
sb who regularly gets the best marks possible for their work in school or college
he completed the job to the best of his ability
He completed the job as well as he could
all aboard!
used to tell passengers of a ship, bus, or train that they must get on because it will leave soon
how about...?
used to make a suggestion
what about...?
used to ask a question that directs attention to another person or thing
what was all that about?
(spoken) used to ask the reason for sth that has just happened, especially sb's angry behaviour
that's all (That's about it)
used to tell sb that you have told them everything you know
about to
if sb is * * do sth, or if sth is * * happen, they will do it or it will happen very soon
above all (else)
used to say that sth is more important than anything else
from above
from people in higher authority
absence makes the heart grow fonder
used to say that being away from sb makes you like them more
absolutely not!
(spoken) used when you strongly disagree with sb or when you do not want sb to do sth
accidents (will) happen
(spoken) used to tell sb who has broken sth that they should not worry that it has happened
on account
if you buy goods * *, you take them away with you and pay for them later
hold the aces
to have the advantages in a situation so that you are sure to win
have an ace up your sleeve
to have a secret advantage which could help you to win or be successful
in the act of doing sth
at the moment that you are doing sth
act your age
used to tell sb to behave in a more adult way, suitable for sb of their age
take action
do sth to deal with a problem
in action
sb or sth that is * * is doing the job or activity they are trained or designed to do
out of action
injured and unable to do anything; broken and not working
actions speak louder than words
used to say that you are judged by what you do, and not by what you say
add to that
used to introduce another fact that supports your opinion
adds weight to
if sth * * * an argument, idea etc, it makes it stronger
add fuel to the fire
to make an argument or disagreement worse
a forwarding address
a new address for sending mail to when you move from your old address
an address book
a book or a file on your computer, where you keep people's addresses
admit it!
I'm right, aren't I?
without further ado
without delaying or wasting any time
advanced age
used to talk about the age of sb who is old
take advantage of
to use a particular situation to do or get what you want
from afar
from a long distance away
If sth is your *, it only concerns you and you do not want anyone else to get involved in it
can afford
to have enough money to buy or pay for sth
I'm afraid
(spoken) used to politely tell sb sth that may annoy, upset, or disappoint them
afraid to do
unwilling to do sth, because you are frightened or worried
be after
* * sb is to be looking for sb or sth
one after another
If a series of events or actions happen * * *, each one happens soon after the previous one
after all
1) in spite of what you thought was true or expected to happen 2) used to say that sth should be remembered or considered, because it helps to explain what you have just said
after you
(spoken) used to say politely that sb else can use or do sth before you do
once again
used to emphasize that sth has happened several or many times before
all over again
if you do sth * * *, you repeat it from the beginning
against the law
high on the agenda
be one of the most important problems to deal with
I couldn't agree more
I agree completely
agree with
If a type of food doesn't * * you, it makes you feel ill
used to check if sb agrees, or to show that you agree
ahead of schedule
earlier than planned or arranged
go ahead
used to tell sb they can do sth
take aim at
* * * sth/sb = to criticize sb or sth
in the air
If a feeling is * * *, a lot of people feel it at the same time
I'm walking on air
I'm very happy
alarm bells ring
If * * *, you feel worried that sth bad may be happening
comes alive
If a subject or event * *, it becomes interesting and seems real
bring alive
to make something interesting and real
all the time
very often and continuously
at all
used in negative statements and questions to emphasize what you are saying
all in all
used to show that you are considering every part of a situation
in all
including every thing or person
it's all or nothing
used to say that unless sth is done completely, it is not acceptable
give your all
to make the greatest possible effort in order to achieve sth
all over
* * sth = everywhere on an object or surface
all along
(informal) all the time from the beginning while sth was happening
is not all that
sth/sb * * * * = used to say that sb or sth is not very attractive or desirable
allow me
(formal) used as a polite way of offering to help sb do sth
it's all right
used to make sb feel less afraid or worried
leave me alone!
stop annoying or interrupting me
is yours alone
sth * * * = used to emphasize that sth belongs to sb
stand alone
to be strong and independent
along the way
during a process or experience, or during sb's life
I wasn't * happy (completely)
as always
as is usual or expected
among other things
used to say that you are only mentioning one or two things out of a much larger group
(spoken) used when you want sb to add sth to what they have just said
do in anger
to do or use sth for the first time, or in a real situation
at an angle
leaning to one side and not straight or upright
a different animal
(informal) sth that is very different from the thing you have mentioned
and another thing
(spoken) used to introduce sth additional that you want to say to sb about a different subject
have all the answers
to be very sure that you know everything about a situation, especially when you do not
answer the phone
to pick up the telephone and speak when it rings
answer the door
to open the door when sb knocks
answer a need
to provide sth that is needed
I can't answer for
* * * * sb = (spoken) used to say that you cannot make a decision for sb who is not there, or give their opinion
anything but
used to emphasize that sb or sth does not have a particular quality
for anything
(informal) if you will not do sth * *, you will definitely not do it
anything you say
(spoken) used to tell sb you agree with what they suggest
not get anywhere
(informal) to not be successful at all
falls apart
If sth * *, it breaks into different pieces or fails completely
worlds apart
If people, beliefs, or ideas are * *, they are completely different from each other
joking apart
used to say that you want to say sth seriously
sth/sb * = except for sb or sth
make your apologies
to say that you are sorry but you have to leave
an apology for
* * * sth = a very bad example of sth
sex appeal
If sb got * * they're sexually attractive
appear from nowhere
to appear suddenly and unexpectedly
make an appearance
to go to an event for a short time, because you think you should rather than because you want to
insatiable appetite
always wanting more of sth
spoil your appetite
make you not feel like eating a meal
be the apple of someone's eyes
to be loved very much by someone
at the appointed time
At the time that had been arranged
apply yourself
to work hard at sth, especially with a lot of attention for a long time
apply force
to push on sth
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
used to say that children are usually similar to their parents, especially in a bad way
aptitude test
a test that measures your natural skills or abilities
rural area
urban area
town or city
when the need arises
(formal) when or if it is necessary
take by the arm
to lead sb somewhere by holding their arm
fold your arms
to bend your arms so that they are resting on top of each other against your body
with open arms
If you do sth * * *, you show that you are happy to see sb or eager to accept an idea, plan etc
as long as your arm
(informal) a list or written document that is * * * * * is very long
on approval
If you buy sth * *, you have the right to return it to the shop if you decide you do not want it
the arrival of
* * * sth = the time when a new idea, product etc is first used or discovered
as for
* * sth/sb = used when you are starting to talk about sb or sth new that is connected with what you were talking about before
as yet
until and including the present time - used to say that sth has not happened although it may happen in the future
as if
1) in a way that makes it seem that sth is true or that sth is happening 2) used to emphasize that sth is not true or will not happen
as it is
1) because of the situation that actually exists - used when that situation is different from what you expected or need 2) already
as it were
used when describing sb or sth in a way that is not quite exact
in ascending order
If a group of things are arranged * * *, each thing is higher, or greater in amount, than the one before it
ask around
ask in a lot of places or ask a lot of people
ask out
ask sb, especially sb of the opposite sex, to go to a film, a restaurant etc with you
ask in
invite sb into your house, office etc
be asking for trouble
to do sth that is very likely to have a bad effect or result
If you ask me
(spoken) used to emphasize your own opinion
don't ask me
(spoken) used to say you do not know the answer to sth
fall asleep
to begin to sleep
half asleep
very tired or not completely awake
be associated with
* * * sb/sth = to be related to a particular subject, activity etc
assure yourself
(formal) to check that sth is correct or true
while you're at it
(spoken) used to suggest that sb should do sth while they are doing sth else
be under attack
be strongly criticized
make no attempt to do
* * * * * sth = to not try to do sth at all
hold attention
make sb stay interested and keep reading, listening, watching etc
get attention
to make sb notice you and be interested in what you are doing
draw attention
to make people notice and be concerned or think about sth
bring something to someone's attention
to tell sb, especially sb in authority, about sth such as a problem
come to the attention
If sth such as a problem *s * * * of sb in authority, they find out about it
used to ask people to listen to important information that is being announced, especially on a loudspeaker (piece of equipment used to make sounds louder)
tourist attraction
a place that many tourists visit
target audience
the type of people that a programme, advertisement etc is supposed to attract
the authorities
the people or organizations that are in charge of a particular country or area
speak with authority
to be sure of what you are saying, because of your knowledge or experience
be on automatic pilot
to do sth without thinking about it, especially because you have done it many times before