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the daddy
the best, most important, or most respected person
be daft about
to be extremely interested in sth
daily life
the ordinary things that you usually do or experience
dairy products
milk, butter, cheese etc are * *
the damage is done
used to say that sth bad has happened which makes it impossible to go back to the way things were before it happened
what's the damage
(spoken) used humorously to ask how much you have to pay for sth
how dare you
(spoken) said to show that you are very angry and shocked about what someone has done or said
don't you dare!
(spoken) said to warn someone not to do something because it makes you angry
day off
a day when I do not have to go to work
be in deep water
to be in trouble or in a difficult or serious situation
the depths of winter
the middle of winter, especially when it is very cold
never say die
(spoken) used to encourage sb to continue doing sth that is difficult
be done for
(informal) to be in serious trouble or likely to fail
done in
informal extremely tired:
dot the i's and cross the t's
(informal) to pay careful attention to all the details when you are finishing sth
draw a conclusion
to decide that a particular fact or principle is true according to the information you have been given
draw near
to become closer in time or space
until you drop
until you are too tired to continue doing sth