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keep a straight face
to not laugh or smile, even though something is funny
lose face
if you * *, you do something which makes you seem weak, stupid etc, and which makes people respect you less
can't face
if you * * sth, you feel unable to do it because it seems too unpleasant or difficult
face the music
(informal) to accept criticism or punishment for sth you have done
the fact is
(spoken) used when you are telling someone what is actually true in a particular situation, especially when this may be difficult to accept, or different from what people believe
the facts speak for themselves
used to say that the things that have happened or the things sb has done show clearly that sth is true
fair's fair
(spoken) used when you think it is fair that sb should do sth, especially because of sth that has happened earlier
good faith
honest and sincere intentions
bad faith
intentions that are not honest or sincere
fall flat
if a joke, remark, or performance *s *, it fails to interest or amuse people