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Lliçó 9 - El Temps

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Quin temps fa?
What's the weather like?
Hi ha una tempesta
there is a storm
Hi ha un arc de Sant Martí
there is a rainbow
està ennuvolat
it is cloudy
està assolellat
it is sunny
fa fred
it is cold
està nevant
it is snowing
A Austràlia, fa calor!
In Australia, it is hot!
A Canadà, hi ha una tempesta de neu!
In Canada, there is a blizzard!
A Islàndia, massa fred!
In Iceland, it is too cold!
A Etiòpia, fa massa calor!
In Ethiopia, it is too hot!
m'agrada el clima!
I like the weather!
Detesto el temps!
I detest the weather!