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Barbaric, Rough leader; King of the Huns & most successful of the Barbarian invaders of the Roman empire
Destructively or frenetically violent; mentally or emotionally upset; warrior clothed in bearskin who worked himself into frenzy before a battle
To censor prudishly, as by shortening or simplifying or by skewing content; after Thomas Bowdler
To act together in abstaining from using or buying as an expression of protest or as a means of coercion.
a Man who is amorously and gallantly attracted to women; a promiscuous man - from 'Giovanni Jacopo Casanova De Seingalt'
One who has military devotion to one's country. Prejudiced in the belief in the superiority of one's group or class. From Napoleon's Nicolas Chauvin
Machine for hoisting or moving objects; a tall framework over a drilled hole, especially an oil well.
Riotous occasion; from the Donnybrook fair in Dublin County, Ireland in 1885 - famed for rioting
El Dorado
a place of reputed wealth; legendary city in South America sought out by Spanish explorers
To make something banal or trite by frequent use: a horse kept for riding or driving, a horse kept for hire
Horatio Alger
One who believes that a person can make it on his own merits; American writer of inspiration adventure books
using or marked by the use of few words, brief. 'Lakonikos' - the reputation of Spartans for brevity of speech
Characterized by expedience, deceit and cunning
a long-distance race; source of the Victory of the Greeks over the Persians in 490 B.C.
Modern witch-hunt, the practice of publicizing accusations of political disloyalty or subversions with insufficient regard to evidence; use of unfair investigatory or accusatory methods
to wander aimlessly; Is a river in Turkey known for its winding course.
Induce a state of being Hypnotized; After a theory called "Animal Magnetism"
Fortune telle; French Physician and astrologer who wrote a book of rhymed prophecies
Bitterly ironical, sarcastic, sneering - from a sardinian plant said to bring on fits of laughter
To cheat or steal, to bring or get by trickery or force; seaport in China