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Frugal, bare, simple; disciplined, stern, brave; Spartans were known for simplicity of life
Hinder or obstruct by evasive, delaying tactics; "Stonewall" Jackson, Confederate General
Satirical; from John Swift's famous satire, Gulliver's travels
Having to do with theater or acting; from Thespis, Attic poet of the 6th century
a self-operating machine, sometimes used to describe an old-fashioned robot
a decisive, final defeat or setback; 1816 - Waterloo was Napoleon Bonaparte's last military defeat
Metaphor for splendor or elegance; Summer capitol of Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty in China
a member of American working class whose unthinking attachment to bussiness and social ideals makes him narrow-minded: after George F. Babbitt, the main character in the novel Babbitt, by Sinclair Lew
A villain in European folk tales who marries several wives and murders them in turn. Many versions feature a surviving 7th wife. In case you were wondering.
to behave or speak clumsily, make a humming or droning sound
Don Juan
a libertine, profligate, a man obsessed with seducing women; after Don Juan, this Spanish noble-dude and libertine. Nasteh boyee.
Don Quixote
Someone overly idealistic to the point of having impossible dreams; from the crazed and impoverished Spanish noble who set out to revive the glory of Knighthood
anything that threatens or destroys its creator; a monster in that one Mary Shelly novel
a faithful and willing attendant, ready to turn his hand to anything; from the young savage found by Robinson Crusoe on a Friday on a desert island
Pure and noble man with limited ambition; in the legends of King Arthur, the purest and most virtuous knight of the round table, the only knight to find the holy grail.
Imaginary, perfect society
Jekyll & Hyde
a capricious person with a two-sided personality; from the famous novel featuring a psychopathic character
a surreal situation marked by senselessness; disorienting, often menacing complexity; from the surreal situations set by Kafka's writing
descriptive of a very small person, diminutive, trivial or petty; after the tiny people in "Gulliver's travels"
Little Lord Fauntleroy
refers either to a certain type of children's clothing or to a beautiful, but pampered effeminate small boy; From Cedric Errol, in a novel by Frances H. Burnett.
a sexually promiscuous young girl; after the title character in Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel
used to describe a man whose chief interest is seducing women - like Don Juan, but. not.
usually unintentional, humorous misuse or distortion sounding somewhat like one intended, but ludicrously wrong in context