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Chapter 11: Collocations with phrasal verbs

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abide by the decision
accept the decision
take up office
start work in an official position
come up with an alternative
come up with something else
acting on a tip-off
a secret warning
filed for divorce
made an official request for a divorce
come down heavily on
punish very strongly
soaking up the atmosphere
enjoying the feel of the place
free up some time
arrange our work schedules
keeping up my Spanish
practise Spanish
work up an appetite
made me hungry
fit in with my plans
suit my arrangements
live up to my expectations
as good as you thought it would be
burst into laughter/tears
suddenly start to laugh/cry
dip into savings/funds
spend part of some money which was being saved
jot down
write down quickly
see off an intruder/opponent
get rid of, defeat
adhere to principles /beliefs/ ideals/ a philosophy
continue to maintain a belief