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Chapter 3: Grammatical categories of collocations

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drew up a contract
prepare something, usually official, in writing
pass up the chance
fail to take advantage of
can withstand the impact
a spate of attacks/thefts
unusually large number happening in close succession
a barrage of questions/insults
unusually large number, happeningat the same time
a stroke of luck
sudden, unexpected piece of luck
snippet of information
small piece of information
idle threat
simply a threat
vain hope
unlikely to be fulfilled hope
mounting concern/criticism/fury
growing concern etc.
simple/plain truth
just the truth
intensely personal
very personal
stunningly attractive
very attractive
failed miserably
fail heavily
drives recklessly
wildly, without care
burst into song
start singing
foam at the mouth
to create froth or foam around the mouth, as with some diseases.
taking it easy for a while
to rest and relax for a while
put the past behind you
to decide to forget or ignore something unpleasant that happened in the past