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Introduction to Operators

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special symbol that performs specific operations on one, two, or three operands, and then returns a result
The argument that has an operation performed on it by an operator
simple assignment operator, assigns value on right to operand on left, can also be used on objects to assign object references
additive operator, adds value on right to operand on left, also concatenates strings
subtraction operator, subtracts value on right from operand on left
multiplication operator, multiplies operand on left by value on right
division operator, divides operand on left by value on right
remainder operator, divides operand on left by operand on right and returns the remainder
compound assignment
+=, combination of the arithmetic operators and the simple assignment operator
unary operator
operator that requires only a single operand
+ [unary]
plus operator; indicates positive value (numbers are positive without this, however)
- [unary]
minus operator; negates an expression
Increment operator; increments a value by 1
Decrement operator; decrements a value by 1
Logical complement operator; inverts the value of a boolean
equal to
not equal to
greater than
greater than or equal to
less than
less than or equal to
operator type that uses three operands
operator that compares an object to a specified type, You can use it to test if an object is an instance of a class, an instance of a subclass, or an instance of a class that implements a particular i