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Atta Unsar in Latin alphabet

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atta unsar þu in himinam
our father who art in heaven
weihnai namo þein
hallowed be thy name
qimai þiudinassus þeins
thy kingdom come
wairþai wilja þeins
Thy will be done
swe in himina jah ana airþai
in earth, as it is in heaven
hlaif unsarana
our bread
þana sinteinan
this daily
hlaif unsarana þana sinteinan
our daily bread
gif uns
give us
himma daga
hlaif unsarana þana sinteinan gif uns himma daga
Give us this day our daily bread
jah aflet uns
and forgive us
þatei skulans sijaima
our debts
swaswe jah weis
as we
þaim skulam unsaraim
our debtors
afletam þaim skulam unsaraim
forgive our debtors
jah ni briggais uns
and lead us not
in fraistubnjai
in temptation
ak lausei uns
but deliver us
af þamma ubilin
from evil
unte þeina ist
For thine is
þiudangardi jah mahts jah wulþus
the kingdom, and the glory
in aiwins. amen.
forever. Amen.