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Attracting people to apply for a job vacancy.
Part-time workers
Working for a proportion of the full working week (e.g. 18 hours).
Full-time workers
Working for the normal full working week (e.g. 37 hours).
Internal recruitment
Appointing an existing employee of the business to fill a vacancy.
External recruitment
Appointing an employee of another business to fill a vacancy.
When an employee is paid a fixed amount for each hour or day they work.
When a worker is paid a fixed amount per month or year, no matter what hours they work.
Payments made to retired workers. In addition to the state pension, businesses are expected to offer their own pension schemes.
Non-monetary rewards/ fringe benefits
Rewards to employees that do not involve the direct payment of money to them.
When the employee gets a percentage of the amount they sell. For example, estate agents may get 1 per cent of the value of every house they sell.