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Operations management

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Job production
Making one-off, specialised products for each customer.
Batch production
Groups of identical items that pass through different stages of the production process at the same time.
Work is divided into separate tasks or jobs that allow workers to become skilled at one of them.
Operational efficency
Producing goods and services to an acceptable standard with as few resources as possible to keep the cost per unit low.
Unit costs
The average cost of making each unit.
Information communication technology (ICT)
The use of electronic technology to gather, store, process, and communicate information.
A computer-controlled machine able to perform a physical task.
Computerised stock-control programs
The use of computers to keep records of all stocks and reorder necessary stock automatically.
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Using computer-based tools to deign products, such as buildings, cars, and clothes.
Quality product
A good or service that meets customers' expectations and is therefore 'fit for purpose'.
Customer expectations
The minimum quality standards for a product or service that is acceptable to customers.
Quality assurance
A system of agreeing and meeting quality standards at each stage of production.
Customer service
Providing services to customers before, during and after purchase, to standards that meet their expectations.
Consumer protection
Laws that protect the interests of consumers when buying goods or services.
The buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.