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chang2 e2
Goddess of the Moon
Chang2 e2 ben4 yue4
Chang'e flying to the moon
tang2 chao2
Tang dynasty
gu3 dai4
ancient times
shen2 hua4
yue4 gong1
the Lunar Palace
xian1 nv3
fairy, female immortal
yuan2 lai2
formerly; originally
ren2 jian1
the human world
to smell
huang2 gong1
to wake up
tuan2 ju4
to reunite; to gather together
Tang2 Ming2 huang2
Emperor Tangminghuang (an emperor of the Tang Dynasty)
Shi4 zhe4 yang4
That's what happened/that's how it is.
Dang1 ran2 bu2 shi4
Of course not.
Zhe4 shi4 wei4 shen2 me5
Why is that/that?
Ni3 shuo1 na3 er2 qu4 le5
What are you saying?
to measure
po4 fei4
to spend money