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nan2 shui3 bei3 diao4
divert water from the south to the north
yun4 he2
gong1 cheng2
engineering project
to dig
liu3 shu4
hui4 he2
to converge; to join
tong1 hang2
to be open to air traffic or to navigation
section; part
yan2 jiu1
(to) study; (to) research
to divert; to lead
gai3 shan4
to improve
hang2 zhou1
Hangzhou (a city in China)
Sui2 Yang2 di4
Emperor Suiyangdi (an emperor of the Sui Dynasty)
jiang1 nan2
areas south of the lower reaches of teh Changjiang River
yang2 zhou1
Yangzhou (a city in China)
pang2 ting1 sheng1
bu2 yong4 zhao2 ji2
There is no need to worry about...
shao3 shuo1 ye3 you3
To say the least, there is...
zao3 zai4
as early as...
xiang4...yi2 yang4
to look like...
shi1 ren2
hui4 dang1 ling2 jue2 ding3, yi4 lan3 zhong4 shan1 xiao3
When shall I reach the top and hold all the mountains in a single glance?