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32.sup speak

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gong1 cheng2 shi1
wai4 zi1
foreign capital
bu4 men2
branch; department; section
jing4 zheng1
to compete/competition
ji1 lie4
intense; sharp
gong1 ju4
jing1 yan4
xue2 li4
record of formal schooling; educational background
tao2 tai4
to eliminate through selection or competition
zhi1 chi2
to support
qian2 tu2
Wang2 Xing1
Wang Xing (a person's name)
Nin2 zen3 me5 cheng1 hu5?
How should I address you?
hai2 xing2
Not bad.
hai2 cou4 he5
Not too bad.
zhen1 bang4
Really great.
bu2 suan4 tai4 gao1
Not too high/tall.
dei3 kan4
should depend on...
to slide