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Tema sõidab siit varsti edasi Soome ja Rootsi.
From here he will soon go on to Finland and Sweden.
Kus te peatute?
Where are you staying?
Me asume praegu hotellis Astooria.
We are staying in Hotel Astooria now.
Kas me ei läheks hetkeks kohvikusse?
Why don't we go to the coffee house for a moment?
Seal on parem juttu ajada.
It's better to converse there.
Hästi, lähme.
Fine, let's go.
Oo, Tom on ka siin.
Oh, Tom is here too.
Ma tutvustan teda teile.
I'll introduce him to you.
Palun, saage tuttavaks: härra Tom Jones, härra Heino Kangro.
Tom, I would like you to meet Mr. Heino Kangro; Mr. Kangro, this is Tom Jones.
Väga rõõmustav.
Pleased to meet you.