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Me tutvusime härra Kangroga praegu.
We just met Mr. Kangro.
Ma arvasin, et sa oled veel hotellis.
I thought that you were still in the hotel.
Ma tulin sealt välja pool tundi tagasi.
I left (lit. came out of there) half an hour ago.
Mida teie soovite?
What would you like to have?
Palun morss ja kook.
I'd like cider and cake.
Lubage mulle kohv ja sai.
Please bring me coffee and a roll.
Palun veel toos tikke.
Also a box of matches, please.
Kust teie pärit olete?
Where are you from?
From Detroit.
Aga viimasel ajal olen ma elanud New Yorgis.
But recently I have been living in New York.