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Mina olen Tšikagost.
I am from Chicago.
Meie Tomiga läheme õhtul kinno.
Tom and I are going to the movies tonight.
Kas te ei sooviks ka kinno tulla?
Wouldn't you like to come to the movies too?
Tänan väga, aga mul on kavatsus täna teatrisse minna.
Thank you, but I intend to go to the theater today.
Mida seal mängitakse?
What is playing there?
Üht Kitzbergi draamat.
A drama of Kitzberg.
Kas te olete juba teatris käinud?
Have you been to the theater yet?
Veel mitte.
Not yet.
Aga neil päevil tahaksime minna.
But we'd like to go one of these days.