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Kas saate minust aru?
Do you understand me?
Saan küll.
I surely do (understand).
Ei, ma ei saa aru.
No, I don't understand.
Palun, rääkige veidi aeglasemalt.
Please speak a little slower.
Palun korrake.
Please repeat.
Excuse me!
Kes see on?
Who is this?
See on õpilane.
This is a student.
Kes need on?
Who are they?
Need on õpilased.
They are students.
Mis see on?
What's this?
See on sigaret.
This is a cigarette.
Mis need on?
What are these?
Need on sigaretid.
These are cigarettes.
Kas suitsetate?
Do you smoke?
Jah, tänan väga.
Yes, thank you very much.
Ei, ma ei suitseta.
No, I do not smoke.
Kas teil tuld on?
Do you have fire?
On teil tuld?
Do you have fire?