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Meil on kohvi, teed ja piima.
We have coffee, tee, and milk.
Palun pudel õlut.
A bottle of beer, please.
Meil ei ole praegu õlut.
We don't have any beer now.
Õlu on otsas.
We are out of beer.
Palun klaas vett.
Give me a glass of water, please.
Palun tass kohvi.
Give me a cup of coffee, please.
Ma soovin maksta.
I want to pay (my bill).
Kui suur mu arve on?
How much is my bill?
Üks kroon.
One crown.
Kaks krooni.
Two crowns.
Üks sent.
One cent.
Kolm senti.
Three cents.
Palun pakk sigarette.
Please give me a pack of cigarettes.
Kui palju see maksab?
How much is it?
Kui palju kell on?
What time is it?
Kell on neli.
It's four o'clock.
Mis kell kino algab?
What time does the movie begin?