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Bakuyiita Ani?
What is your name?
Obeera Wa?
Where do you live?
Oli mufumbo?
Are you married?
Olina abaana ba meka?
How many children do you have?
Wa suze otya?
good morning?(have you slept well)
Na suze bulungi
I slept well
Oli wa myaka emeka?
How old are you (years)?
Ndi wa myaka mwenda
I am nine years old
Please / sorry
baampita X
My name is ("they call me") X
elinya lyange nze X
My name is X
ate gue?
And you?
mbeera X
I live X
you live on where? (Ie more exact?)
bamuyiita ani?
what is his name?
baampita X
my name is X