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to open the mouth wide and take a lot of air into the lungs and slowly send it out, usually when tired or bored:
a shirt and trousers that you wear in bed:
a loose dress that women wear in bed
anbad dream.
to breathe in a very noisy way while you are sleeping:
fast asleep
completely asleep (= sleeping) / SYN in a deep sleep
go off
ring or make a noise
wide awake
OPP fast asleep
to sleep longer than you had intended:
have a lie-in
INF stay in bed later than usual.
sleep like a log
INF sleep very well
sleep badly
OPP sleep like a log
have a restless night
be unable to sleep well and often wake up.
concentrate (on sth)
give all your attention to sth
lack of sth
not having something, or not having enough of something:
becoming angry or annoyed very easily:
extremely tired,physically or mentally.
a heavy sleeper
a person who doesn't wake up easily. OPP a light sleeper
disturb (sb)
do sth to stop sb who is trying to sleep,work...
suffer from sth
have the experience of sth unpleasant
the problem of not being able to sleep:
someone who often finds it difficult to sleep
on my mind
if sth is on your mind,you're thinking or worrying about it.
1.[be sleep] to be asleeping 2.[fall asleep] to start sleeping