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[T] to press something firmly:
tear sth up
to tear paper into a lot of small pieces:
drag sth/sb across/along/over, etc
to pull something or someone along the ground somewhere, usually with difficulty:
knock (at / on )
[I] to make a noise by hitting something, especially a door, with your closed hand in order to attract someone's attention:
[T] to make a slight cut or long, thin mark with a sharp object:
[I, T] to break into a lot of pieces with a loud noise, or to make something break into a lot of pieces with a loud noise:
fold (sth in half / in two)
MATERIAL [T] If you fold paper, cloth, etc, you bend it so that one part of it lies flat on top of another part:
to take air into and out of your lungs:
1.AIR [U] the air that comes out of your lungs: 2.ACTION [C] the act of breathing air into or out of your lungs:
SYN out loud ; in a way that other people can hear: