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Fuaime Ceachteanna 65-66

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we shall have meat tomorrow
we shall have mutton tomorrow
we shall have pork tomorrow
we shall have fish tomorrow
we shall have beef tomorrow
we shall have bacon tomorrow
what shall we have today?
we had fish yesterday
we had a game of cards last night
what day is it today?
we have no news (at all)
we shall have them later on
What will we have for dinner today, mammy?
go out when I tell you (it)
We'll have bacon, probably
look what you did now
I don't like bacon. We had it yesterday
I'd (e) prefer bacon to anything else
wait another couple of minutes
I don't care what you (e) would like
stop when I tell you (it)
Be good now and don't be arguing (pl). Bacon, we'll have anyway
tell me what you did now
keep it a couple of other minutes
don't put your shoes on the chair
don't stay too long in that place
don't look at that one, please
look at the man who is going over (eastwards) the road
don't keep it too long now
don't tell anyone what I said
I would like a nice piece of bacon also, please
Look at this piece. Would you like it?
That piece isn't too good. Have you a better piece?
We have no other bacon now. But fresh bacon will be coming in later on
OK. Keep me a nice piece, so
Certainly. We'll have it at about eleven, probably.
Right enough. Seán can get it for me. He's not at school today